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By Steven B. Karch

ISBN-10: 0849340195

ISBN-13: 9780849340192

A quick historical past of Cocaine is a completely researched, attention-grabbing account of the function cocaine has performed in around the globe historical past, politics, economics, and technology. shuttle with bestselling writer Steven B. Karch as he strains the trail of cocaine from the coca funds vegetation of Spain to the distinguished pharmaceutical homes of Amsterdam into the banking of Japan. find out about experimentation with the drug during the centuries, together with the paintings of Sigmund Freud, who recommended that cocaine be used to regard morphine dependancy. notice how cocaine has been grown, sophisticated, allotted, and abused worldwide for 4 centuries. ultimately, comprehend why the cocaine alternate continues to be a thriving enterprise regardless of executive law. a necessary research of an age-old challenge, a short historical past of Cocaine areas the "war on drugs" in its historic context and predicts if we're destined to lose.

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This means that the addiction potential is much lower. The oral use of opium had built-in safeguards that made addiction less likely and toxicity harder to produce. The safeguards were partially eliminated when morphine, the active ingredient of opium, was successfully isolated from opium, by Friedrich Wilhelm Sertürner, in 1805. In that year, Sertürner announced that he had isolated an alkaline base in opium that he called morphium. The event marked an important milestone for organic chemistry, and not just for addicts.

In 1847, von Liebig published a paper describing the components of a rational diet. One component was a meat extract, called extractum carnis. It amounted to little more than what we today call bouillon. ” Advertisements made outrageous claims for the product, and von Liebig, who got a percentage of sales for lending his name to the product, made an outrageous amount of money. fm Page 27 Tuesday, August 23, 2005 2:45 PM Botanists, Naturalists, and Pedestrians 27 In his early years, von Liebig was a friend of, and collaborator with, Fredrich Wöhler.

When cocaine is consumed in the absence of alcohol, it is broken down into two principal metabolites: one called benzoylecgonine and one called ecgonine methyl ester. In humans, at least, neither of the two metabolites has any stimulant or psychological effects, but cocaethylene does. In fact, cocaethylene produces nearly as much stimulation as does cocaine. When cocaine and alcohol are consumed together, cocaine’s stimulant effects are enhanced and probably prolonged. Vin Mariani drinkers were, in effect, getting more cocaine than either Mariani or his competitors thought they were providing.

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